Chora – an event around writing

Timothée Calame

Giulia Essyad

Sokol Ferizi

Miriam Laura Leonardi

Benjamin Rosenthal

Samuel Savenberg

Ramaya Tegegne

Matilda Tjäder


August 22-23, 2014
Friday 22 from 16:00 – Saturday 23 from 16:00

Starting from a ground of doubt and attempting to feel out every word again and again, Chora is where we get together.
8 contributions from artists and writers, not holding on to any territory, these are bodies, the writers’ and the words’, in between abilities to speak.


16:00 Screenings
Zolotye ruki, Sergei Parajanov, 1957 (35′)
Wittgenstein, Derek Jarman, 1993 (72′)

19:00 Performances & readings
Sokol Ferizi
birthday & new poems, Giulia Essyad
Version #14: Gertrude Stein, Ramaya Tegegne
Walt and I, Samuel Savenberg

from 20:30
Miyeok Guk cooked by Stefan Burger


16:00 Screenings
The Answering Furrow, Marjorie Keller, 1985 (20′)
La Moindre des Choses, Nicolas Philibert, 1996 (100′)

19:00 Performances & readings
Gelesen und vertont, Adolf Wölfli, 1978. Extracts from LP
Slippery Slides, Tactical Tensions, Matilda Tjäder
Pupa, Benjamin Rosenthal
Bzzz Bzzz, Ramaya Tegegne

from 20:30
Bouillabaisse cooked by Stefan Burger
Une indigestion provient aussi d’une bonne intention, Timothée Calame
birthday, Giulia Essyad

And a selection of reference texts and books gathered by the participants.

The event is being recorded by Miriam Laura Leonardi,
and organized by Benjamin Rosenthal and Géraldine Beck.