22 - 23.08.2014


Timothée Calame

Giulia Essyad

Sokol Ferizi

Miriam Laura Leonardi

Benjamin Rosenthal

Samuel Savenberg

Ramaya Tegegne

Matilda Tjäder


Friday 22 from 16:00 – Saturday 23 from 16:00

Starting from a ground of doubt and attempting to feel out every word again and again, Chora is where we get together.
8 contributions from artists and writers, not holding on to any territory, these are bodies, the writers’ and the words’, in between abilities to speak.


16:00 Screenings
Zolotye ruki, Sergei Parajanov, 1957 (35′)
Wittgenstein, Derek Jarman, 1993 (72′)

19:00 Performances & readings
Sokol Ferizi
birthday & new poems, Giulia Essyad
Version #14: Gertrude Stein, Ramaya Tegegne
Walt and I, Samuel Savenberg

from 20:30
Miyeok Guk cooked by Stefan Burger


16:00 Screenings
The Answering Furrow, Marjorie Keller, 1985 (20′)
La Moindre des Choses, Nicolas Philibert, 1996 (100′)

19:00 Performances & readings
Gelesen und vertont, Adolf Wölfli, 1978. Extracts from LP
Slippery Slides, Tactical Tensions, Matilda Tjäder
Pupa, Benjamin Rosenthal
Bzzz Bzzz, Ramaya Tegegne

from 20:30
Bouillabaisse cooked by Stefan Burger
Une indigestion provient aussi d’une bonne intention, Timothée Calame
birthday, Giulia Essyad

And a selection of reference texts and books gathered by the participants.

The event is being recorded by Miriam Laura Leonardi,
and organized by Benjamin Rosenthal and Géraldine Beck.

With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.